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Providing you with everything you need to manage your property finances and keep you compliant with your tax obligations

No matter how you prefer to invest in property, Ashford & Partners Chartered Accountants can provide you with everything you need to manage your property finances and keep you compliant with your tax obligations. We provide tailored advice and accountancy services for property flippers, buy to let landlords, HMO landlords, furnished holiday let owners and everything in between.

Our team of qualified property tax accountants can help you buy your first home or make the most of your existing business properties. Learn more about the services we offer and get in touch to discuss any matters further.



Buy to Let

Buy to Let (BTL) is the process of buying a residential property and then renting it out.

The buy to let market is a resilient and safe space to invest, as there will always be demand for rental property. It’s now one of the most popular methods for generating income with typical yields of around 5% – 6%.



Commercial Conversion

Commercial conversion is the process of converting commercial buildings into residential properties. The demand in this category is steadily rising, and there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting to be taken advantage of by savvy investors like yourself.

The conversion process can be complex for those who do not have much experience with it. But don’t let that stop you from getting your foot in the door!


How we can help:

We can advise you on Stamp Duty, VAT, Corporation Tax and the Construction Industry Scheme.



Serviced Accommodation

Serviced accommodation is fully furnished accommodation that is available for short-term stays.

It offers property investors the highest residential yields, making them an attractive option among investors who are seeking maximum profit potential.


How we can help:

We can ensure you’re correctly set up as a furnished holiday let (FHL) and help you complete your tax returns.



House of Multiple Occupancy

HMOs are shared houses and bedsits. They’re well known for producing the highest residential investment property yields, often around 10%.

HMOs can be an excellent investment, but they’re also subjected to tighter regulations than standard buy to let properties.


How we can help:

We offer tailored tax advice so you remain compliant with your tax obligations and earn the highest profit possible.


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