What the summer may mean for your business

What the summer may mean for your business

Whether the hot weather lasts or not, summer is here to stay, bringing with it seasonal challenges and opportunities for business owners.

You may think summer is business as usual, but many companies face disruption and delays due to:

  • More people taking holiday than at other times
  • The heat disrupting transport or the supply chain
  • Increased trade requiring additional staff

How deeply these issues or others impact your business depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The size and location of your business
  • Your sector
  • Your ability to manage delays or meet additional costs
  • The sectors and functions of other companies in the supply chain

Tackling challenges head-on

Effectively managing summer disruptions starts long before those first glorious weeks – it should be built into your business strategy.

You may need to:

  • Address staffing issues – have sufficient staff to avoid delays and ensure consistency of service.
  • Manage cash flow – If you need additional cash to cover delays or busier periods, make sure to factor that in throughout the year.
  • Advertise in advance – Leave enough time to recruit good, reliable staff to avoid further costs or losses during busy periods.

Seizing the opportunity

Summer also provides plenty of opportunities for diversification and internal review. By taking advantage of these, you can mitigate any negative impact caused by the summer months and help your business to thrive.

Potential summer opportunities include:

  • New markets – If your location and sector provide you with access to tourist markets, you may seek to expand into these markets temporarily, and you may discover a new revenue stream.
  • Reviewing your operations – Periods of quiet when clients or suppliers are away may give you the opportunity to review your processes and make improvements.
  • Enhancing hiring processes – If you need to take on seasonal staff, this is a great opportunity to streamline your onboarding and recruitment workflows.

If you need additional support in managing your business through the summer and making the most of your business processes, contact our team for advice.